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The Full Academic options are provided to all plans

Cerapoda LMS offers its users many learning and administrative options for its system courses. Our goal is to provide learners with the optimum learning environment to learn and help the admins and teachers with the tools for creating this environment in an easy and effective way. we present you some of the courses options available for you:


Connecting Google slideshows to your system for easy and effective slideshows management

Video Recordings

presenting your learner’s video files cand have full control and reports of viewing statuses.

Quizzes and Tests:

versus types of questions, time control, high level of grade management, and more


option to have full ebooks with chapters and fast navigation between chapters.

your PDF files with no option for downloading. support many other files word, excel, media, zip, and more.


students and teachers can post messages add files and links, ask questions and give answers all in effective forums

Massaging systems

Cerapoda system provided the users with a personal mailbox, admin email distribution options, and more.

Social integrations

social media integration including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Slack, Youtube, and more social media platforms.


Upload your files to moodle system and have your students download them or use them online


Create folders for files and user data. All users have the option of uploading personal files to private folders.


direct your users to other websites to get information. create a fruitful and diverse environment using embed codes.


add tasks to your learners by uploading files options, posting links, giving grades, and teachers assessments.

Attendance Reports

create a course schedule and check your learner’s attendance in the course.

Digital Certificate

set your institute costume report cards. set rules and automatic notification for applicants.

Live streaming and webinars

full integration to Zoom meetings, Google meetings, Microsoft teams, and many more live streaming systems.

Moodle Vimeo Video Plugin
Full Video storage integration

full Vimeo pages for live recordings presentation. just put it in the folder and your moodle users can view it.


link for fast users’ questions and answers. users can connect to support or to the teacher during digital quizzes for online support.

Google integration
Microsoft integration

use Microsoft office, 365 email system, Microsoft teams, and many more options.